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Artyshils Art

“ The bee and the goat “ Original Art

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Once upon a time, there was a bee who found herself trapped in a spider's web. Just as she was about to lose hope, a compassionate goat passed by and noticed her distress. The goat carefully and skillfully used her horns to break the web and free the bee. Grateful for the goat's kindness, the bee decided to repay her by pollinating the nearby flowers and ensuring the goat had a bountiful supply of delicious vegetation to eat. The bee and goat formed an unlikely but beautiful friendship, reminding us that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a significant impact on the world around us.

The story of the bee and the goat teaches us that kindness and compassion can lead to unexpected and beautiful friendships. It reminds us that no matter how small or seemingly insignificant our actions may be, they can have a significant impact on others.

The goat's act of kindness in freeing the bee from the spider's web not only saved the bee's life but also set in motion a chain of events that led to the pollination of nearby flowers and the growth of delicious vegetation for the goat to eat. In a world where we often focus on our differences and conflicts, this story shows us that by showing empathy and understanding to those around us, we can build bridges and create harmony. It highlights the power of empathy and the importance of treating all living beings with kindness and respect.

Original Art

Oil Paints and Mixed Media on Gallery wrapped canvas 

11” / 14” / 0.75"

Varnished / Ready to hang / display 

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“ The bee and the goat “ Original Art