Along with creating my own work, I am dedicated to empowering organizations that make a difference in the lives of children in need and animals in need of shelter. I have personally worked with these organizations and I trust them wholeheartedly. If you would like to join me in supporting their efforts, you can make a donation by clicking the button. Every little contribution makes a huge impact and can change the lives of those less fortunate. Let's make a difference together.

Do good, feel good. Your donation to a charity that resonates with you can make a significant impact on their work and bring joy to your own life. Embrace the power of generosity and make a difference today.


Vatsalyagram Foundation, a non-profit NGO, is dedicated to improving child care, education, and health across India.

Everyone deserves love, care, and a family, including those who may have been abandoned due to differences. VatsalyaGram, a charity organization, is committed to providing these individuals with the support they need to fulfill their aspirations and dreams. Let's give them the warmth and love they deserve.



Peepal Farm is a stray animal rescue, an awareness organization, and a women-powered small scale social enterprise in Village Dhanotu, District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.

Their philosophy :
Live to do maximum good; live while causing minimum harm.It's our understanding that involuntary physical suffering is an absolute bad across all species; so reducing suffering, and nurturing changes that reduce suffering is absolutely good.



Gyankunj is an education-focused NGO with medical training, skill development, and supplementary courses. They aspire to create a space for passionate and ambitious students.

" Back in 2017, we discovered that it is not a lack of interest of slum children but rather a lack of good teachers that resulted in high dropout rates. Gyankunj originated with the objective to reduce dropout rates and provide high quality and concept-oriented education to these children. Our initiative empowers less privileged by providing primary education & digital literacy, sewing classes – Sui Dhaaga, and generating social awareness. We presently engage 200+ students "