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* VERSION 4 * Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes for painting

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    Round PLUS is a set of 4 brushes with our special mixed media hair, suitable for all mediums.
    - These brushes have a fatter belly for holding even more paint and water in them.
    - They also have a beautiful sharp point on the top for the sharp precision you need in your paintings.
    - These brushes will be amazing for larger work areas, painting washes, art journaling.
    - They are compatible with Acrylic paints, gouache paints, watercolor paints, oil paints and poster colors

    SIZES : 14, 16, 18, 20

    Shipped in 3 to 4 working days.

    Upgrade your painting tools with VERSION 4 Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes. These are the best painting brushes perfect for acrylic, oil, watercolour, and more. Our artist grade brushes are affordable, suited for beginners, hobbyists and professionals. Discover the joy of expressing yourself through art and create stunning masterpieces!

    Artyshils Art painting brushes are designed using the highest quality materials and a lot of care and dedication has gone into their production to bring the best product for you to enjoy your painting experience.
    The hair in each brush is shaped to perfection for the most precise, smooth, and streak-free application..


    Having good quality tools for a great painting experience is very important. So these brushes are not only perfect for those BEGINNER ARTISTS who are just starting out with their art journey, but they are also amazing for the MORE SEASONED PAINTERS OR PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS, who can use these to take their art to the next level.




    Processing time :- 3 to 4 Business days.
    Delivery time :- 5 to 10 days

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    * VERSION 4 * Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes for painting
    * VERSION 4 * Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes for painting
    * VERSION 4 * Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes for painting
    * VERSION 4 * Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes for painting
    * VERSION 4 * Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes for painting
    * VERSION 4 * Round PLUS SIZE synthetic hair brushes for painting
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    • 30 DAYS RETURN

      All brushes are subject to 30 days return.
      Read STORE POLICIES to know more.

    • Cruelty free

      Artyshils Art stands against using animal products for painting purposes. All our brushes are strictly cruelty free and vegan.

    • Sustainable packaging

      We use sustainable packaging for our shipping, so that your order reaches you with materials that are bio degradable and environmant friendly.

    • Make a difference

      10% of our total profits go towards organisations working for orphan kids and stray animals. Thankyou for making a difference with your purchase.

    Your love for brushes

    I've always enjoyed using Shilpa's paintbrushes and realized there were a few I would need for a course I'm taking of hers. Great seller, speedy service, and good product. Thank you, Shilpa. :) Red

    Red Scott

    I absolutely love these brushes, I have some very expensive brushes from top brands and now prefer these as get such a precision point. Loved them so much brought even more!!!

    D Inspired Jo

    These brushes work beautifully with watercolor and gouache. I suspect they would work well with ink too. Testing them out was such a pleasure I can't wait to use them for a final piece. While I generally work with very fine tipped brushes I may have to get my wider, larger brushes from this shop in the future as well. Thank you so much. Superior product!

    Ashley Moore

    Really sweet seller! Super fast shipping. Thank you so much! 💕

    Hanifah Christie

    fast, and so nicely packaged, i appreciate it so much


    These brushes have an excellent water holding capacity and you can paint large washes without frequently reloading your brush with water and paint.
    The bristles are soft and have a very nice spring.
    The handle is sturdy and has a premium finish to it.
    Very good quality for the price they come for.
    I would recommend these for all watercolor artists

    Vidhi Jain

    Artyshils Silver bill brushes have now become my go to brushes for all my watercolor and plein air works. Not only are they extremely easy to hold due to their very effective handle design, but also really versatile in nature because of the shape of the bristles. The ferrule is also really sturdy and holds the bristles firmly. The brushes are capable of holding an excellent amount of water and yet because of their thin and sharp tip, they provide complete control on the thickness of the strokes. As a result, they are proficient in their work ranging from a mop brush to a liner or a detailer. Additionally, the wide variation in sizes helps me create artworks in the way I had envisioned them to be. Truly, no looking back after using these incredible brushes! Thank you Artyshils!

    Dr Amaey Parekh


    There is nothing an artist loves more then some good quality art supplies to play with.
    Gift yourself or your artsy bestie these amazing Artyshils Art brushes and we will make sure to send them all GIFT WRAPPED, with YOUR warm message for them on a card, on YOUR behalf.

    You / Your friend will get :-
    - The Brushes
    - Special gift wrap
    - A card for the occasion with your message.
    - A small add on gift from our side.

    Ready to send your personalised gift ?